Our specialist digital agency - Accelerate connects CMG brand partners with a 360 degree marketing approach which helps them reach the right customers at the right time across all devices and platforms through a variety of marketing services and software creation. The end result… tangible innovation for your customers and brand.

Digital Design + UX

Our digital design team aims for high levels of accessibility and usability. At the same time, we understand the desire of our clients to 'make an impact' and we specialise in transforming brands' products for a digital environment. We will spend time with you to understand what you want to achieve, we will ask lots of questions about your customers, your competitors, your brand, your taste and your business. This helps us deliver a design that will be close to your expectations without having to resort to time-consuming revisions and iterations.


Lead Generation

Expertly made content, segmented data and targeted, beneficial advertising fuels lead generation and new customers. We provide the ingredients you need to create this potent marketing mix and drive those all-important purchases over and directly from your competitors. By knowing your next customer, we can advise you on what bike model or golf club they're looking for and when this person intends to make a purchase whether it be 0-3 or 12+ months.


Programmatic Advertising

We put data and technology at the heart of our advertising plans to deliver new customers and a more efficient way to buy media. This creates better outcomes for our clients and creates better experiences for customers. We cover everything programmatic. From cross-channel digital strategy to unique trading opportunities with publishers and in-depth audience analysis. Working with our creative team we are able to generate demand in market for your brand by placing the right message to the right user at the right time.


Video Production

There's no better way to capture your audiences attention than with a professional and effective video. Accelerates dynamic production team are talented video producers with expertise in creating fresh and innovative productions across premium sport. Whether it's a simple product explainer video or something more creative on a bigger scale, we want to take your concepts and transform them into wonderful video productions that really demonstrate what you, your company or your brand are all about.


Paid Search

Accelerate knows the search space moves fast and is one of the most cost-effective ways to help people find you. Our close relationship with search engines and tech specialists can give your business a real advantage over in-house or other options. Focusing on what matters to you most, we find the right blend to help you achieve your goals. Search is more than keywords, and focusing on what matters to you the most can help you achieve your sales goals.